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New Window Install

Let me paint you a picture of my bathroom – it’s this tiny space with barely enough room to turn around. And the worst part? No window. It felt like I was showering in a cave. It bothered me more than I care to admit.

I’d been putting off getting a window because I’m pretty particular about things. I wanted it just right – enough light but still private. It felt like I’d never find the right fit. Then a friend mentioned Kenny from K and S Doors. She swore by him, said he was a wizard with windows.

So, I thought, why not? I gave Kenny a call, and we talked about what I wanted. He really listened, didn’t try to push anything on me. He even had some suggestions I hadn’t thought of.

When Kenny and his crew came to install the window, they were total pros. No fuss, no mess, just got the job done. And let me tell you, when I stepped into that bathroom with the new window, it was like a whole new space. I couldn’t stop smiling.

If you’re in the same boat as me, don’t hesitate to give Kenny a call. He’s the real deal.

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